Thursday, May 3, 2007

Eight Dayz

This track is a time machine for me. I was a hardcore skateboarder from the mid-80's into the early 90's and "What's So Strange About Me?" was always one of my favorites from the classic Santa Cruz Skateboards video Wheels of Fire. My friends and I would watch that video to get pumped before we hit the streets, and when I hear the song now I can "feel" the vibe from that time in my life. The singer for Eight Dayz was professional skateboarder, Claus Grabke... who's awesome graphics echo the temporal mischief that this song slays me with. Click the exploding clock to learn more.

What's So Strange About Me?


Nickolas said...

Thanks for Posting the Eight Dayz tune!!!!
Where can I get a better quality mp3 or cd?

oestrogenfish said...

pls post me some 8days, love u!