Sunday, March 25, 2007

playlist : march 25th, 2007

band : song : album

tracy + the plastics : the myth of the front : muscler's guide to videonics
shy child : down on yourself : hold yourself/down on yourself 7"
paper rad : my favorite homepage : pick a winner
colorwall : restless in 5th gear : blisscent II (compilation)
husker du : it's not funny anymore : metal circus
the power chords : unnatached strings
hot cross : fatefully : risk revival
reversal of man : bless the printing press : this is medicine
big in japan : suicide a go-go : the indie scene 1979 (compilation)
white nights : elevator
bush tetras : snakes crawl : boom in the night... (1980-1983)
drums and tuba : elephant : mostly ape - BY REQUEST!
panda bear : ponytail : person pitch
the days end : and then it was : demo 2001
katie the pest : sober : this giant will kill you
mean red spiders : pl : blisscent I (compilation)
crash and britany : it is chemistry : crash and britany 7"
d.o.a. : no god, no war : the menace lives
eater : anxiety attack : doomsday troops ep
antelope : reflector : reflector
vertebrates : asteroids : self-titled
lync : pennies to save : remembering the fireballs (part 8)
glomag : disorder : myspace - KILLER JOY DIVISION COVER!
johnny foreigner : sofacore : myspace
the cramps : goo goo muck : psychedelic jungle
the vaselines : molly's lips : all the stuff and more
hunger farm : stuck : dogma
ymck : go ymck, go! : family racing
spider and the webs :
hazel o'connor : d-days : indie scene 1981
night moves : the road to toyota...

Monday, March 19, 2007

If When

Totally lushed-out, dream inducing, harmonious noise spasms. It's it's own thing, but will appeal to adventurous lacegazers. Thanks to If When for sending me a copy of their Japanese-only, self-titled release.

Hear Less

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dance Disaster Movement

Ok, it's my first post and I'm going to hit you with some live Dance Disaster Movement. This is two songs from their first album, recorded at KUCI in 2003. I can't remember if I worked the mixing board or not on this one, but I dig the way it sounds. All the instruments (and the vocals) are seriously panned either left or right, and it makes for a really crisp mix. Observant listeners may notice some sounds starting out in one speaker (either the left, or right), and then jumping to the other speaker. This is because DDM looped sounds using a guitar pedal... so if Kevin played guitar out of his amp (which was panned hard left) and then stomped on his pedal to make the riff loop.... the looped sounds would shift to his other amp (which was panned hard right). Killer drumming on these tracks too.

The Shots / Seizure (live@kuci)