Friday, May 25, 2007


I've gone from: "Sounds good"... to ... "I'm a fan"... to ... "Hi Mom, I'm thinking about spending $130 on a first pressing of a Wipers record called Is This Real?... Please talk me out of it". - I am tempted to post one of the excellent unreleased tracks the Wipers' cd box set provides, but I don't want to spoil any surprises for Wipers fans who haven't picked it up yet. Instead, I'll post the 4-track version of "Tragedy", which is slower than the 16-track album version, but has a heaviness all it's own. Now please go buy the box set.

Tragedy (4-track v.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Spits

While most Ramones-style punk bands remain camouflaged in the genre's seemingly endless forest, The Spits are wearing a fucking bright-orange hunting vest... with plenty of pockets for shotgun shells and bola ropes. They stand out and do damage. Humor and hooks get the job done, but the concealed Rambo knife of their sound is the way the vocal rhythms stay interesting, both in and out of the choruses. This video for "Terrorist Attack" also kills:

Sunday, May 6, 2007

playlist : may 6th, 2007

band : song : album

mudhoney : i like to make noise : play (compilation)
nils : fountains : green fields in daylight
data panik : minimum wage
postal m@rket : cover girl : myspace
fridge : eyelids : the sun
chronic sick : pain for profit : cutest band in hardcore
strikeforce diablo : dragon o'clock : the albotross and the architect
the van pelt : shame on you : stealing from our favorite thieves
make believe : pat tillman, emmitt till : of course
track a tiger : glad to be scattered : woke up early the day i died
cryptic slaughter : drift : stream of consciousness
buzzcocks : orgasm addict : singles going steady
stereolab : the seeming and the meaning : peng!
legal tender : the ghost
the sea and cake : up on crutches : everybody
yellow fever : alice : cats and rats
dan deacon : pink batman : spiderman of the rings
the snakes : push over : i won't love you 'til you're more like me
pagan faith : wimpy skank : album
ramones : rock 'n' roll high school : rock 'n' roll high school soundtrack
soccer team : i'll never fear ghosts again : play (compilation)
nuzzle : a test of wills : nuzzle 7"
hazel : mr. magazine man : airiana
we are married : countess dracula
fun boy 3 : our lips are sealed : waiting
mirage : lake of dreams : demo (2007)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Eight Dayz

This track is a time machine for me. I was a hardcore skateboarder from the mid-80's into the early 90's and "What's So Strange About Me?" was always one of my favorites from the classic Santa Cruz Skateboards video Wheels of Fire. My friends and I would watch that video to get pumped before we hit the streets, and when I hear the song now I can "feel" the vibe from that time in my life. The singer for Eight Dayz was professional skateboarder, Claus Grabke... who's awesome graphics echo the temporal mischief that this song slays me with. Click the exploding clock to learn more.

What's So Strange About Me?