Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dance Disaster Movement

Ok, it's my first post and I'm going to hit you with some live Dance Disaster Movement. This is two songs from their first album, recorded at KUCI in 2003. I can't remember if I worked the mixing board or not on this one, but I dig the way it sounds. All the instruments (and the vocals) are seriously panned either left or right, and it makes for a really crisp mix. Observant listeners may notice some sounds starting out in one speaker (either the left, or right), and then jumping to the other speaker. This is because DDM looped sounds using a guitar pedal... so if Kevin played guitar out of his amp (which was panned hard left) and then stomped on his pedal to make the riff loop.... the looped sounds would shift to his other amp (which was panned hard right). Killer drumming on these tracks too.

The Shots / Seizure (live@kuci)

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